Orientēšanās ar zirgiem jāšus vai ratos (EE)

30. septembrī, Uue-Kundru stallī, 71111 Tõrreküla, Viljandimaa, 40 minūtes no Latvijas-Igaunijas robežas

Jau piekto gadu pēc kārtas notiks pasākums ar orientēšanos zirga mugurā vai ratos.

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In mounted orienteering competitors are competing in couples- 2 riders and 2 horses. You can choose 2 different distances in mounted orienteering, shorter distance is about 7 km and is suitable for children or those who are doing their first start, longer distance is about 15-17 km long. On tracks there will be big fields, forest trails and gravel roads.
There can be more than one people on in orienteering with carriage and allowed are also one or more horse carriages. The distance in orienteering with carriages is about 10-12 km and is going mostly on roads. At the moment we know that there will about 4-5 teams taking part of orienteering with carriages.
The scale of map we use for mounted orienteering shorter distance is 1:15000 and for mounted orienteering longer distance and orienteering with carriages 1:10000. We count points with QR codes using the app dib Orienteering Dibber.




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